Sunday, 19 April 2020

Dewick's Plusia

Most forms of natural history recording/surveying have been in someway disturbed by the recent lock down, but one that hasn't so much is moth trapping.  Moth'ers all over the country primarily trap in their gardens, which of course they can still do.  However I am stumped because I trap in my Mum and Dad's garden, my back garden sadly isn't secluded enough to run a 125w MV bulb all night.

Fran who lives just around the corner however is far better placed, and this morning she kindly left a moth outside her front door for me to take a look at...

A Dewick's Plusia!  An immigrant species that I have trapped only once before, so was delighted to get another look at one. This insect was slightly unusually marked on both wings, with some extra white marks on its right side...

And a split white mark, almost twin-spot, on it's left side...

Such a cracking moth, thanks Fran!  A birding update to follow within the next couple of days.

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