Friday, 2 March 2018

Please Help!

Today I have witnessed one of the most dramatic cold weather movement of birds that I've ever seen. The spectacle has been truly amazing, but the reality is really very very sad.

It was such an epic day that I just don't have the time or energy to blog about it tonight, check back tomorrow or Sunday for this post. It will be worth checking back for I promise. But I simply couldn't go to bed without writing this...

Within Seaton alone, this evening I've been informed of numerous Meadow Pipits, Lapwing, Redwings and even a Reed Bunting being found dead. A lethargic Golden Plover was also picked up in the middle of Seaton town this evening, fingers crossed the efforts of the family who rescued it pays off.

So I'm basically pleaing that if you can help birds during this cold spell, then please PLEASE do. Oats, apples, other soft fruits, bird seed, anything that's suitable just put it out in your garden, and remember to defrost your bird baths with warm water as well. I even took a pocket full of bird seed out on my morning walk today, which came in useful...

Robin feeding from my hand at Black Hole Marsh

But it's also important to give these struggling birds space. Space to feed undisturbed, and not making them use precious energy to unnecessarily fly.  We all know most people won't think about this, let's be honest why would they? But we can at least...

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