Friday, 19 February 2016

A Surprise Red Kite

I nearly made a right balls up yesterday.

Whilst walking the dog around one of our local greens early yesterday afternoon, willing her to empty her bladder/bowels before I headed off to work, I heard the gulls making a slight noise.  It wasn't a major kick off, but enough for my ears to register something was up.  I could also though hear some sort of low flying light aircraft going over, and I think that, plus the time of year, meant my brain came to the unconscious decision that it wasn't worth making the effort to move around a row of trees and look up...

A few minutes later I'd walked off the green and was wandering up the road when I was stopped in my tracks by a stunning Red Kite flying low north.  And when I say low, I mean low. It was probably only a metre or two above roof-top height, seriously cool. 

I just wish I had saw it coming as I could have lined the camera up for a superb shot. Morale of the story is always look up!

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