Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Birthday Girl

In the absence of any bird news (it's turning out to be a very poor spring for common migrants, really hope it picks up quick) I thought I should blog about the birthday girl...


It's hard to believe Honey is already one. It's been a steep learning curve for us both, but especially me as I've never owned a dog before - in fact I used to be scared of them. When I was five I jumped into a bed of stinging nettles because a dog was running at me barking!

I have now completely changed and am very confident around dogs, thanks to Honey.  She is a wonderful animal with such a good and relaxed temperament, and is a great companion in life.  Another way she has changed us is that we now get even more peed off with irresponsible dog owners.  I'm sure everyone has seen how often 'dogs on leads' signs are ignored - don't think some dog owners can read.  As for picking up the poop, there is never an excuse not to. Really winds us up, way more than it used too.

Anyway, back to Honey, and she's actually now a famous dog. Although this isn't all factually correct (dam press!) it was great to see her in the Bridport and Lyme Regis News...

But although she's one, it doesn't mean she's grown up...


  1. Happy first Birthday Honey,hope theirs many more to come.

  2. Hi John, thanks very much and we hope so too!