Sunday, 5 April 2015

Patch Tick

Wow - wasn't expecting that!  The Dart's Farm Penduline Tits did the decent thing and dropped in on us on their way back east.  Hopefully they will hang around for few days, but I've got a feeling they won't.  I'm actually surprised they dropped in somewhere so close to the Exe, I would have thought their first 'hop' would be much bigger.  Maybe they aren't looking to leave the UK, just on the hunt for some suitable breeding habitat? If that's the case then I really hope they don't stay!!!

No photos from me as I could only manage a flying visit, in fact I only saw one bird - but that was more than enough.  Cracking find Bun, wonder how many people have walked past them today...


  1. Both of the records of Penduline Tit at Clennon Lakes had been birds seen previously at Slapton, so I suspect the species carries out most of its movements in short hops. One bird was around for just two days (end of March) the second stayed 3 months and departed on 1 April.

  2. Interesting, thanks for posting this Mike. Amazed that they weren't seen again after here, guess they could be in the middle of the Somerset Levels somewhere - or in another country...