Friday, 25 April 2014


When Jess and I moved in to our lovely house in October 2012, this is how the back garden looked...

Over the summer, we put several pot plants out there, and a bird table, so it looked nicer and a bit loved. At the end of the day it was still a load of decking though.

On Wednesday of this week, this is how the back garden looked...

Pretty much the same!  But this is how it looked at the end of today...

We've wanted to do something with it from day one, and after a visit and some advice from Phil, we now know what we want to do. The project has begun.  

I hate DIY. I don't do DIY. Thankfully Jess knew long before buying a house with me this was the case, and accepts it, so actually in doing this I am getting brownie points by the lorry load! But with every panel I take up, I ask myself why we've not got people in doing it for us?  Well that's because we've got a wedding to pay for.

I did hear several Whimbrel whilst out there this morning, so all this physical out door labour does have its perks!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it's rebirth,good luck on your transformation.

  2. Thanks John. It's going surprisingly well to be honest!