Saturday, 26 April 2014

DIY Heroes!

The weather wasn't going to stop us making progress with the back garden today. Even promising sea watching weather couldn't tear me away. I was back out there at 8am, and Jess joined me for an hour or so. 

This is how it was looking mid morning...

Not long after taking this photo - Phil and Bun appeared!  Clearly they couldn't take endless updates about garden progress on my twitter feed! That and they're bloody nice blokes.  This is how it looked about an hour later...

Fully dismantled!

It just means we've got quite a lot of wood to deal with now.  My chainsaw can't really hack it - so if anyone wants any wood it's free to a good home.  You'll just need to collect it and remove a fair few screws and nails...


  1. That decking will make good raised beds for veg or flowers.

  2. Or I could keep hold of them until 5th November!