Tuesday 3 December 2013

A New Blog Is Born

First of all, I must highlight a new blog that has appeared on my blog list;  

Ace bird finder Matt Knott has joined the 'darkside' and started blogging. Well worth following as he is a dedicated and very hard working patch birder, and is proving that the more you look, the more you find.  My only gripe is despite Lapland and Snow Bunting, Richard's Pipit, White-fronted Goose, 2+ Turtle Dove, Purple Sandpipers and the 1000's of others waders and several hundred wildfowl, he's claiming to have had a 'disappointing autumn'. Matt you need to bird over here a bit more often mate - I'd be more than happy with that in an autumn!  Just shows how high his standards are. Anyway, top bloke, so I can bank on it being a top blog.

This morning, it was nice to get a mist net up for the first time in months.  Didn't catch that much, but it's been so long that I even enjoyed being attacked by Blue Tits!!  After a few hours of this, the flat sea was just too tempting and I headed down to the beach.

Three brownhead Goosanders close in were a surprise, and shared the sea with two Red-throated Divers, a Great Crested Grebe and the two Long-tailed Ducks.  I didn't actually see the latter, but they were seen about an hour after I was there.

The Goosanders were later on the Estuary at Coronation Corner, where they were fishing at low tide...

Very nice to see

Also saw two Greylag Geese with the Mute Swans opposite Stedcombe (which first appeared yesterday) and the two Tufted Duck again at Lower Bruckland Ponds.

Right must dash - time for work!

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