Monday, 21 November 2011

That Black Red

There will be a much longer post later today, with my exploits of the last few days. But I've just had a look on bird forum, where Roger Boswell has posted a much better photo of the Black Red I photographed the other day at Lyme Regis....

It really does have quite a russet-looking belly!

Its clearly a 1st winter bird, presumably a male. Is it one of the less obvious (female-type male) phoenicuroides, a hybrid, or just an 'odd looking' bog standard Black Red!? Discuss.....


  1. Just a thought, with those ashy fringed LCs and MCs and the neatly buff fringed GCs (all moulted apparently), might it not be a 1W? That fringing combination does not look quite right for a Black Red.

  2. Hey Rich. Yeah I aged it as a 1st W (surely a male? - but as you say, it does look odd doesn't it!

  3. With that last photo on the new post, it becomes a little clearer about the age. I am guessing that the very dark centres of the LCs and MCs with the ashy tips almost must make it a male.

  4. Hey Rich. Yeah I agree - it also shows some black coming through on the throat and around the eye too.