Saturday, 12 February 2011

Waiting For Spring... very much how I'm feeling at the moment!! Sometimes late Jan/Feb can see some exciting birding on patch - but not this year, well not so far anyway!

The Bewick's Swan and Greylag Goose remain opposite Stedcombe Vale, but that's as exciting as it gets from me! I've recently spent a lot of time looking through the mid afternoon gull flocks on the Estuary, but apart from a daily helping of one of two Meds, it's been rather - well very - fruitless.

And that is why this blog has been so quiet of late. I'm not snowed under with County Recorder work, I've not been suffering from a bed-ridden bug, and I've not been working every hour god sends (although a 13 hour shift yesterday was rather tiring!), it has just been very quiet on the bird front!

To prevent this boring post from being even more boring, this was the view from the Farm Gate (Axmouth) this afternoon...

rather spring-like I'd say :-)

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