Monday, 31 January 2011

Bewick's Is Back

I've had plenty of County Recorder work to catch up on over the last few days, so haven't had any time for birding. Last week, Gallinule related-things took up most of my time, so other aspects of the job just had to take a back they're in the front seat again! I'm pleased to say though, today has been a very productive day and I can now see light :-)

Mid morning, I just had to get out for a drive - my laptop was doing my head in! I zoomed along the Estuary to Boshill Cross, back to Colyford then home again. I'm not totally sure why I did this, it wasn't to go birding because I ignored an Estuary full of Gulls!? I did stop in one place though - Stedcombe Vale - where I was pleasantly surprised to see our Bewick's Swan back again. I haven't seen him anywhere since Jan 1st, and not down this part of the valley since about mid Dec.

Anyway, he was fairly close and on a nice frosty ground, so the camera just had to come out....

A gorgeous bird :-)


  1. Hi Steve

    Great to find your blog.

    Every winter for the last few years I've spent a week down at Rousdon with my family. It's fairly light on the birding, but I try to make it to the beach at Beer, to Seaton Marshes or to Colyford Common, at some point (here's a summary of a week last February).

    We're coming down again later this month, and I've been keeping an eye on Birdguides. Doesn't seem to have been too much reported in the Seaton area of late (back in the autumn, I was hoping that Dowitcher would stay local...), but really useful to have more detailed info via your blog - much appreciated.


  2. These are great shots,love the first image.

  3. John and Charlie, thanks very much for you kind comments :-)
    Charlie, have a look at 'my blog list' to the side, there will be a few more blogs in there that will be of interest to you. Maybe will see you down here one day.

  4. Thanks Steve, your blog list is very useful!

    Hope to get out in the valley sometime this week - anything on Seaton Marshes or Colyford Common that's worth keeping an eye out for? Last time I was at Colyford there were Water Pipits, Scandinavian Rock Pipits, Green Sand and Egyptian Goose - are these regular there?

    Also, I'm not familiar with Stedcombe Vale - near Axmouth?

    In return, so far I can only offer you news of Coal Tits, Nuthatches and Redwings on the Rousdon Estate... if I find something a little more noteworthy I'll let you know. :)

  5. Saw the Bewick's today - with 39 Mutes. Lots of the common stuff viewable from Colyford, not many surprises bird-wise.

    BUT hadn't heard about the new hides and screens and ponds and scrape at Black Hole Marsh; what a transformation! Look forward to seeing this develop over the years, a great project.