Sunday, 5 December 2010

Yellow Wagtail Part Two

Well I've been stuck in work all day today - oh what fun!

Whilst my fun was being had, I've had several e-mails and texts about the Wag. It's proving to be a very interesting episode - many thanks for finding it Phil!

Martin Garner has written a piece on his excellent blog about our bird (see HERE), and if you look at another post of his (HERE) there are some pics of true Eastern Yellow Wags. The last photo on this post shows a bird that puts my worries about the amount of pale on our birds bill to bed, well and truly!

Also, James Lidster kindly made me aware of a grey flava he saw it in Holland about a month ago, see HERE.

I wonder though, will anyone ever really know where this bird was born? There is so much with birds and birding that we just don't know. And then there's all the stuff that we don't know, we don't know - if that makes sense!

All good fun and all a massive great learning curve :-)

I'll be visiting the Wag again in the morning - just need to nail that call because that will tell us what it is....or will it....

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