Wednesday 22 December 2010

It's Still All White

The snow coverage is still almost exactly the same, despite the fact it hasn't snowed once since the down pour on Monday...

Looking NW from the farm gate

The sea front

Worryingly, Redwings are starting to get a little tamer now as they forage on the ground for fallen berries...

Spot the Song Thrush...

The garden is still heaving with birds, and they are loving the £1 bags of simply value apples I bought the other day, especially our Blackcaps...

Mr and Mrs

Walking down to my house last night at about half 11, a Woodcock whizzed past us. It then landed in the middle of Durley Road, shuffled around a bit, ran to the road side (a Woodcock running is quite a funny sight actually!), then flew off east. Although I wasn't in my garden when I saw it, if I was, then I would have seen it.... does this mean I can count it on the garden list?

Lastly, a quick look along the Estuary mid afternoon today showed: c1,000 Wigeon, 10+ Gadwall, two Med Gulls (adults) and ex-patch birder Nick!!! Good to see you mate :-)

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  1. I would count the woodcock Steve, I had the same issue with a Pied Flycatcher in the summer, thats on my garden list now, no worries! Cheers.