Saturday 19 June 2010

Green Is Good

Have been trapping for the past two nights. On Thursday night I had both traps out, last night just one. Had one new for the garden on each night!

The first was probably the least exciting new moth for me ever...

A Brown Rustic...not far from being an ex-Brown Rustic me thinks!!!!

But today's was one of my best ever...

Green Arches....Phwoar!!!

The full lists are as follows....

Thursday night; 151 of 46 species; 44 Heart and Dart, 9 Bright-line Brown-eye, 8 Elephant Hawkmoth, 7 Minor sp., 6 Dark Arches, 5 Figure of Eighty, 5 Pug sp., 5 Grey Dagger, 4 Willow Beauty, 4 Spectacle, 3 Common Marbled Carpet, 3 Flame Carpet, 3 Pale Tussock, 3 Buff Ermine, 3 Small Square-spot, 3 Straw Dot, 2 Riband Wave, 2 Foxglove Pug, 2 Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Brimstone, 2 Heart and Club, 2 Flame, 2 Treble Lines and singles of: Oak Hook-tip, Green Carpet, Common Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Rivulet, Scorched Wing, Clouded Border, Mottled Beauty, Pebble Prominet, Lobster Moth, Buff-tip, Scalloped Hazel, Flame Shoulder, Middle-barred Minor, Ingrailed Clay, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Rustic, Uncertain, Brown Rustic, Coronet, Alder Moth, Sycamore and Silver Y.

Friday night; 130 moths of 39 species; 55 Heart and Dart, 7 Heart and Club, 5 Flame Shoulder, Small Square-spot, 5 Minor sp., 4 Poplar Hawkmoth, 3 Foxglove Pug, 3 Willow Beauty, 3 Flame, 3 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Vine's Rustic, 2 Riband Wave, 2 Green Carpet, 2 Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Bright-line Brown-Eye, 2 Knot Grass and singles of: Figure of Eighty, Light Emerald, Maiden's Blush, Common Marbled Carpet, Purple Bar, Double-striped Pug, Pug sp., Scorched Wing, Brimstone, Lobster Moth, Pale Tussock, Buff Ermine, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Mottled Rustic, Uncertain, Brown Rustic, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Grey Dagger, Dark Arches, Green Arches, Coronet, Straw Dot and Fanfoot.

Here's my second Brown Rustic...

Much fresher than my first!

A Marsh Tit was a very notable (albeit brief) visitor in the front garden this morning, and our two Bullfinches are still present regularly, and posed nicely on one of our feeders yesterday...

Hopefully they have a nest nearby?

Over the garden I've had a single Siskin on two of three days during the last week, I wonder if they are breeding in Couchill Woods?? Also Linnets have been unusually regular for a non-passage period.

Am working all of tomorrow, and with a cool night forecasted I won't be trapping tonight.


  1. Phwoarr indeed nice Green Arches!

  2. How on earth do you get so many moths? I am lucky if I get into double figures. OK, so I live in London, but that shouldn't matter. I'm using a 22w actinic so as not to avoid the neighbours. Do I need to sod the neighbours and go the MV route?

  3. Thanks Ben!

    Jonathan - I am lucky in that I am near to woodland, fields, large gardens, and only half a mile from the sea. I think also it helps being high up. As for the neighbours - I make sure the light isn't in direct sight of bedroom windows - but so far I've had no upsets neighbours....that may change though!