Thursday, 15 October 2009

Spot The Gold

In this month, I'm averaging two new moths for the garden a week. Last night I got four!! In all I caught 45 moths of 17 species, the four new ones were...

A rather late but very lovely Gold Spot

Red-line Quaker

I thought this was a Pale Mottled is in fact a Clancy's Rutic!

Spruce Carpet; I had two of these but had hoped the other was going to turn out to be a Grey Pine Carpet....not so!

The rest of the catch was made up of: 12 Blair's Shoulder Knot, 5 Common Marbled Carpet, 5 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 4 Black Rustic, 3 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Beaded Chestnut, 2 Double-striped Pug, and singles of: Garden Carpet, Willow Beauty, Light Emerald, Barred Sallow, Feathered Ranunculus and Silver Y. Excellent stuff!

Hopefully by the end of play tomorrow I'll have some birdie year-ticks under the belt, I should have quite a bit of time out in the field so fingers crossed....


  1. Steve....fantastic catch! I only managed 11 species last night.
    You'll be pleasantly surprised that your Pale Mottled Willow is in fact the much rarer migrant Clancy's Rustic! good job.

  2. Flipping heck! So it is! Thanks very much : )

    Another good catch last night, details to follow later...