Tuesday, 13 October 2009


"Red-throated Pipit?" I hear you ask.... Afraid not, much more mundane!

About thirty minutes ago whilst in the garden my first
Redwing of the autumn went over. Not surprised by this as they've had big numbers on the east coast today. Check out Bucktonbirder HERE; what an amazing morning! The final Redwing tally for this site today was 32,988! WOW!

Due to various reasons I've had little birding time since my last post. Any time I have had I've spent it looking at the river, but the wading bird situation has been very samey; 30+ Lapwing, 8 Blackwits, 2 Barwits, 1 Knot, 4 Dunlin, 2 Green Sands and 3 Common Sands. Duck numbers remain pretty low, two Shoveler being the best yesterday. There are some NE winds due at end of week, that should bump wildfowl numbers up.

Have had two new moths for the garden over the past week. On 6th a Cypress Carpet was a nice addition, this species has only recently spread into Devon....

Pretty little thing

And today this was one of only eight moths in the trap...

Beaded Chestnut

The night I caught the Cypress Carpet was a good night for moth numbers; bearing in mind my average catch during this month has been about ten per night!

There were 73 moths of 22 species: 15 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 12 Feathered Ranunculus, 7 Common Marbled Carpet, 5 Large Yellow Underwing, 4 Double-striped Pug, 4 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 3 Lunar Underwing, 3 Black Rustic, 2 Blair's Shoulder Knot, 2 Silver Y, 2 Willow Beauty, 2 L-album Wainscot, 2 Barred Sallow, 2 Snout, and singles of: Light Emerald, Brimstone, Pine Carpet, Green Carpet, Cypress Pug, Square-spot Rustic and Shuttle-shaped Dart.

There have been lots of butterflies about of late, including a couple of Clouded Yellows and several Painted Ladies. Here's one that was in the front garden yesterday...

Just like spring!

Hope to do some serious birding in the morning, let's hope I get some rewards...

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