Monday, 5 October 2009

Common But Nice

Had the trap out again last night, it got me 23 moths of 12 species (Setaceous Hebrew Characters are dropping in numbers rapidily!). There were two smart firsts for the gardens in this small collection though...

A stunning Black Rustic

And a colourful Barred Sallow

The rest of the catch consisted of: 7 Feathered Ranunculus, 3 Common Marbled Carpet, 3 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Pine Carpet, and singles of: Light Emerald, Garden Carpet, Willow Beauty, Lunar Underwing, Angle Shades and Large Yellow Underwing.

Now to birds, and it is still all a bit grim! I've given the river valley a good grilling today; 18 Lapwing, 9 Blackwits, 2 Barwits (still!), 3 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin and 1 Knot all I have to show for it. At Lower Bruckland Ponds the female Tufted Duck remains and over the centre of town mid afternoon a flock of 14 Siskin flew NE; hopefully a sign of things to come....

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