Friday, 8 October 2021

Moth Immigration

Putting the trap out last night proved an excellent move because the relatively mild night-time temperatures and south westerly wind produced a good arrival of immigrant moths.  Looking at Twitter today it was clearly a widespread arrival too.

In the trap this morning the macro count was 91 moths of 27 species. At this time of year overall numbers and variety will be lower than the summer months, but there's always the chance of something unexpected, or jamming in on a good night of immigration - which is exactly what happened!  Out of the 91 moths, the immigrants/oddities were...

Dark Sword-grass x 2

My second ever Radford's Flame-shoulder

Front view of the RFS

And a silky white hindwing - perfect for RFS



Not photographed were the Silver Y and two L-album Wainscot.  

I couldn't help but notice evidence of immigration among the micro moths too, with a Rush Veneer and 13 Rusty-dot Pearls in the trap.  Here's one of the latter, last night was my best catch for this species here to date...

Rusty-dot Pearl

Amongst the resident macro species, it's clear to see we have moved into the final phase of the moth year, with 14 Feathered Ranunculus, Beaded Chestnut, Grey-shoulder Knot, Dark Spectacle and six Black Rustic trapped.  The latter a species I always look forward to seeing at the end of the season...

Black Rustic - what a beaut!

I couldn't not put the trap back out again tonight after this, although the conditions aren't quite so promising. You simply never know though and that's one of the many reasons why I enjoy mothing so much.

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