Sunday, 26 September 2021


This is going to be a really a quick post. Truth is I haven't got much to tell because for most of the last five days I have been knocked out by a rather nasty bug. Pleased to say it wasn't Covid - but it wasn't pleasant either!

Yesterday morning after Ian Mc reported seven shearwater sp. west past Beer Head, I was able to give Seaton Beach a bit of time.  The sea was flat calm, rammed with fishing boats but very few birds, just the odd Gannet. But then, within quick succession two tight flocks of Balearic Shearwaters flew west, a close six followed by a more distant four.  Brilliant to watch them over a calm sea, adopting a completely different fly-style than how I usually see them, shearing over big waves in stormy seas.  

I had to leave soon after, but I don't think it developed into much more.  Can't be so sure it wasn't the tail end of something more significant though...

There's been a couple more Little Stint, a Ruff and an Avocet at the wetlands during my forced-absence from the patch bird scene.  Pleased to have not missed anything more major, especially with American wading birds now appearing throughout the UK.

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