Friday, 17 September 2021

Another Clifden

Last night's moth trap wasn't all that busy, but on moving the last couple of egg boxes it became apparent the overall lack of moths didn't matter one bit...

Note the big grey beast! 

Yes, my second garden Clifden Nonpareil in ten days - result!  And what's more I didn't just let this one go, although they are surprisingly tricky to photograph. They're not like Hawkmoths which give you plenty of warning they are about to fly off, these blue beauties take off without any prior warning, and they do not welcome being poked and prodded.  

Beautifully marked on the forewing 

That underwing! Love the striped legs too, only just noticed them.

I didn't get a shot showing the blue, but saw it really well just before it flew off.  It was great to have Kevin around to admire it too, a first for him.

The only birding I've done today was a half-hour check of Seaton Hole, in my ever hopeful quest for a 2021 patch Wryneck.  Another fail, and only three Blackcaps compared to ten here four days ago.  I suppose this is the right time to mention the flock, yes flock of Blackcaps I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago, also whilst I was hoping for a Wryneck.  There were 19 feeding in elderberries and blackberries at the top of Upper Churston Rise, and surprisingly they were actually behaving like one flock.  Quite cool to see actually!

A freshly-washed juv Blackcap

Good to see some juv American waders making landfall in the UK over the past couple of days, like Buff-breasts, Pecs, Baird's and a Semi-P.  Hopefully some will eventually make their way down to us here because any of the above would be appreciated.

Righto, time for bed!  Check back soon :-)

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