Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Turtle Dove

I undertook my daily exercise a lot earlier than usual today, as Mike B who found a Turtle Dove last night, reported early this morning it was still present in exactly the same spot.

When I walked past about five hours later, thankfully it was still in exactly the same spot. And what a stunner.  I do hope you enjoy this little video...

And here's a still...

They are rare yes, but they are absolutely beautiful too

The Turtle Dove, as am sure you are all aware, is a rapidly declining UK species. Sadly it really is a bird that when you do get to see one, you must appreciate that it may well be your last.  Well in the UK anyway, thankfully they still seem to be fairly numerous abroad.  This was only my third ever Turtle Dove in these parts, my first was a purring male in Beer on 13th May 2012, and the second a very showy autumn bird on Bridge Marsh in October 2016.

I have also got a lockdown house list update to report.  After 12 days of no additions, today I have added two species to the list bringing the total up to 87.   One of them, Reed Bunting, being completely expected given the fact they nest about 1/4 mile away, the other however a full fat house tick!  At about 8:30 this morning a Spotted Flycatcher flew in from the south, pitched up for less than a minute in a tree on the edge of Seaton Cemetery (as viewed from my bedroom window) before flying off low north east.  Result.

Stay safe everyone.

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