Thursday 14 September 2017

More Least Sandpiper and Update

Following on from my last post, thanks to Richard Phillips (@cork_head) some more photos of the Axe Least Sandpiper from 7/9/17 have materialised. These were also taken when the bird was on Colyford Scrape, so the distance and light means the quality is again dodgy, but what some of these pics show well is the general colour of the bird (quite fawny brown), along with pale legs...

(c) Richard Phillips
(c) Richard Phillips
(c) Richard Phillips
(c) Richard Phillips

Thanks Richard! The second one in particular  I think will prove very useful and help with the BBRC submission.

Now time for a brief summary of the bits and bobs I've seen on patch lately, with my second and the Axe's third Osprey of the autumn yesterday afternoon - thanks to texts from Ian Mc and James Chubb.   Phil had our second Osprey of the autumn fly straight down the Estuary and out to sea last Sunday, the day after our first Osprey left us. Also on Sunday Phil found a juvenile Spotted Redshank (amazingly our first since Nov 2013!) which remained until Tuesday at least when it was feeding on Colyford Scrape during the afternoon.  A lone juvenile  Bar-tailed Godwit has been kicking around as well for a few days now, often feeding at the bottom end of the Estuary as they usually do here...

Bar-tailed Godwit

Despite all the recent wind and rain the sea has been really disappointing. I am amazed we haven't even managed a Grey Phalarope, let alone a Leach's Petrel or Sabine's Gull. Very disappointing.  The only slightly notable thing that I've seen whilst looking over the waves was a very early Great Northern Diver that flew west on the morning of Saturday 9th. I even managed a picture, just...

Really impressed with the P900 on this one, it was miles out! Love the feet on flying GNDs

Black Hole Marsh is looking good again now, with wading birds staying on the marsh feeding even at low tide. There's still plenty of time for goodies, and with an amazing trio of American waders just along the coast at Weymouth/Portland, we have to be in with a chance of some more...

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