Monday, 19 December 2016

Velvet Scoters

When I went down to walk the dog on the beach this morning, seeing a flat calm sea encouraged me to get my scope out and give it a scan. Good move!

On the first scan I picked up seven duck flying into the bay from the south west, they were four Common Scoter being led by three fantastic Velvet Scoters.  They flew into the bay and I thought were going to carry on east, but then made a large sweeping u-turn and flew off back west.  My first patch Velvets since 14th Nov 2013 so they were very much appreciated, hardly a surprise though given the numbers currently on the south coast. Hopefully we may get an Eider or two next?

I also must mention the Dartford Warbler that Ian Mc had on Seaton Marshes this morning, from the hide.  One was seen along the west walk of Seaton seafront a couple of weeks ago, so there's every chance it's the same bird and it's lingering. This is potentially very good news as it could be another target for Jan 1st.

The only other birding news I have to tell is that on Saturday I saw the Cattle Egret come into roost again in Axmouth (despite not seeing it in Colyton on Thursday or Friday), it flew in at 16:31. The Grey Plover was still on the Estuary as well.

After sunset on Saturday looking from Axmouth to Seaton.

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