Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Beer and Beavers

Yesterday after a nice meal out with the team I spent the summer surveying the birds of Dartmoor with, local birder and Beaver guru Chris took us up the River Otter prior to dusk hoping for some Beaver action. These animals have been in the news several times so am sure you all know about their presence, well done DWT with all the excellent work you have done here.

Despite quite a crowd waiting, just after 20:00 the adult female Beaver named Patricia made an appearance and remained in view for about ten minutes...

Then twenty minutes later  we were lucky to also see one of the wild born kits too, which also showed for roughly ten minutes. Here's a couple of videos, the first showing Patricia...

And this one of the kit...

They really are fantastic animals to watch, and it is so good to see them living here in complete harmony with the local environment.  Many thanks Chris!

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