Friday, 15 April 2016

A Damp Day

I've not had any time for birding today, but a wet and windy dog walk along the beach first thing gave me the chance to video my first sea birds.  I've been really excited about the potential of getting some of my sea bird sightings on video, so I was keen to see how my camcorder would perform with distant and constantly moving shapes.

I was stood down by the breaking waves getting completely and utterly soaked by the driving rain when I noticed two Common Terns slowly making their way east just offshore, perfect subjects!  You will have to forgive the shakiness when I crank up the zoom but I wanted to see what the quality was like on full whack. Uploading to YouTube has affected this somewhat, but I'm still pleased with it.  Just waiting for the summer plumaged White-winged Black Tern now!

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