Thursday, 29 October 2015

Stripes At Last

Despite a month of walking the dog in places I thought were quite likely to host a Yellow-browed Warbler, and the fact there's been about million in the country, it's taken me until yesterday to see one!

During an afternoon dog walk along the cycle track by Seaton Marshes out popped the head of a Yellow-browed Warbler for all of three seconds. And that was it.  I'd see enough though so sent the texts out, but in the windy conditions there was no further sign. There was actually quite a few birds here, at least two Chiffs (one of which appeared quite grey), three Blackcap and several Goldcrest.

This morning despite the wind and the rain I went back for a better look. No sign for ten minutes but then all of a sudden a Yellow-browed burst in to a spate of calling right behind me. I was then treated to the most fantastic views of it feeding low down in some willows, what a gorgeous little bird. I don't care how common they get, they will always give me a buzz when I see one.  I didn't take any photos because I just wanted to watch it, and I knew they'd be crap in the dull light, but I think Tim White has managed to get some pics of it so watch his blog...

Also this morning, after hearing Mark B was heading our way I met him at Black Hole Marsh where we had good but distant views of the two inexplicably sporadic Glossy Ibis...

Told you they were distant!

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