Monday, 23 March 2015

Cool Clouds, Shy Sun and Mega Moon

Beer Head this morning didn't show any summer migrants, but the sky looked pretty smart to the east with low cloud perfectly mirroring the coast below. My photo doesn't do it justice as it looked spectacular, but Assistant Warden Glen at Portland Bird Obs did a much better job of capturing it over Portland (see here).

Cloud from Beer Head

I've been doing a lot of looking up lately, namely to see the stunning partial eclipse last Friday.  Cloud threatened and it wasn't looking good on the morning - but in fact the cloud actually helped!  It acted as a natural filter and made the event far easier to see and photograph...


The moons been looking stunning most evenings recently too, with a waxing crescent moon showing low to the west at dusk with Venus just above...

Bird wise it seems as though spring has halted somewhat, and the cold weather that's coming doesn't bode well for the rest of the week.  Best bird today has to be the lovely male Ruff that I've seen a few times at various locations in the river valley.  Sadly never anywhere close though...

Spot the Ruff!

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