Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nightjars Return With Friends

Last year Nightjar was added to everyone's patch lists as at least two birds were found late summer in only recently created suitable habitat (see HERE).  We couldn't prove breeding but both male and female birds were present.

Last Sunday night I took my first dusk trip to the site this year, and was delighted to see a male Nightjar fly in and begin churring at 21:25. Even better a female immediately reacted to the song and flew up to join him. They both flew around together before heading off into the darkness - awesome! 

Whilst here, in the fading light I was pretty sure I could hear a Tree Pipit singing from somewhere, so went back this morning for a walk round during day light hours.  And it just shows that if the habitat is there, birds will use it, as I saw an amazing three Tree Pipits! Two males and a female...

 And how do I know one was a female? Well....

Tree Pipit porn!  I'm pretty sure this is the first known breeding Tree Pipits on patch.

Only other news I have to report is of my first immigrant moth of the year, in a rather unusual location!  This Silver Y was on the charging lead for the works van...

Great to see again!