Friday, 7 June 2013

Always Birding!

My brain always has birds at the front of it, which means my eyes and ears are always searching for anything bird-related. This often results in spotting ornithological-related errors in day to day life, which really amuses Jess as I always have to make some sort of comment if I see even the smallest mistake or inaccuracy!

It's not just birds, the other day I picked up an Exmoor Guide with a Monach butterfly on the front cover! I guess this is just natural when you have a vested interest in something, whatever it is! Stamps, trains, coins, whatever...

Anyway, back to birds, and check out this Chaffinch on an apron in a shop in Lynton... be fair it is mostly not too bad. And the Redpoll below was bang on - a great painting. But what is going on with that belly!!??  Half way through painting did they accidentally flick the page over to Canary?

This was most surprising though. Somewhere in a dark hall way of Dunster Castle was this notice... of the species looked like an odd one out to me! An American wading bird amongst UK breeders?? So I tracked them all down...

The Golden Eagle

A cracking Bittern


The Grebe - a Great Crested Grebe to me precise!

 And the Spotted Sandpiper...

Hmmmmm... Looks like a Ruff to me!!

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