Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Not Much To Report

Well this blogger and local patch birder is starting to get down hearted by the absolute lack of birds. This is the time of year we spend the whole year looking forward too, and it is proving absolutely dire!

The last couple of days I have spend a few hours in the morning down the marshes and looking along the Estuary.  Out Pec still hasn't materialised, not much has in fact!  Look what I ended up taking photographs of yesterday morning...

It was a very stupid and tame Pheasant though!

And then there was this Wheatear on the board walk...

We all love a good Wheatear - this is the best I can offer I'm afraid!

When it comes to notable birds, five Green Sands and singles of Greenshank and Dunlin were the best - all on Black Hole Marsh.

Today it was virtually exactly the same, although a check of Axmouth harbour revealed this Guillemot...

Can't recall seeing an auk on the river before

Rewinding back a little, I had an amazing weekend although there was very little birding involved.  Did have an evening stroll around Beer Head with Jess on Saturday though.  Bird-highlights were 100+ Meadow Pipits and three Yellow Wags, but the sunset was the real highlight...


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