Monday, 9 July 2012

White-winged Beauty

A couple of years ago a summer plumage White-winged Black Tern spent a day at Lodmoor - as I have never seen an adult White-winged Black before, and really have a thing for black and white birds, I was going to go. But after one day, it departed and my plan was foiled.

Yesterday though history repeated itself, and a White-winged Black Tern was found at Lodmoor! I couldn't go yesterday, so was hoping this one would stay. Thankfully it did :-)

I was hoping to be there and back home by 10am, but I woke up with a horrendous migraine so didn't feel well enough to leave until 10am. It was well worth the trip though, one of my top ten birds for sure - STUNNING! The scope views were brilliant, but it was too distant for the Lumix - though I did try...

Still looks stunning though doesn't it!?

And here's a shaky video taken through my scope with my Nikon...

I didn't get home until half one - so my day has gone nowhere near to plan! I then had a moth trap to go through too, and that took over an hour as I had 167 moths of 38 species! I won't list them now - but I just have to post a photo of the one that was a new species for the garden (don't get many these days!). This Pretty Chalk Carpet...

A very smart moth indeed

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