Monday, 21 May 2012

On The Mend


Most the aches and pains have gone now, it's just the cough that's relentless - and that has lead to an incredibly sore throat. Oh well. At least I managed to get out a bit today.

I had a lovely wander about Lower Bruckland Pond mid afternoon, lots of newly emerged Damselflies were nice to see (only saw two species though; Large Red and Common Blue), and Butterflies included singles of Dingy and Grizzled Skipper. The latter my first here. No birds worthy of mention though.

Later on, after a text from Phil, I headed over to Axmouth where he had seen an Osprey perched up. I got there about an hour after the event, and the Osprey had moved from its original position. After a short drive though, we ended up getting superb views of it...

A late one! Taken with the trusty Lumix


  1. Hi,
    sorry to spam on this post but could not see another way to contact you. I think i saw a chough out on beer head this evening.(black crow sized bird with red/orange beak) I have seen them in pembrokeshire. I would be interested to know if I was correct.

  2. Hi Tim - no worries with contacting me this way.

    That would be an excellent record, and not impossible. May I ask where it was? Also did you note the shape on the bill and the colour of the legs?

  3. Hi,
    It was between beer head and the old coastguard look out (near where the bench is)at about 8pm yesterday evening. It flew in front of us at about 8ft high and dropped over the edge of the cliff. The only distinguishing feature that I noticed and hence thought it was a Chough was the orange/red bill. I didnt see the legs and did not notice the shape of the bill. I saw them last year near martins haven /Skomer in pembrokshire in a vary similar fashion, swooped past and then gone.

  4. Sounds very interesting! I had a look around yesterday early afternoon with no luck. Many thanks for taking the time to report it on here.