Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Dipper In A Tree

I told you so!

A look at Tim White's blog last night (see HERE) inspired me to go and see Dipper. I had a little bit of time early this morning, and that's all the time I needed! I peered over the bridge by the White Hart Inn and there was one singing away. It was a ringed bird too, which is VERY interesting as I don't know anyone around here who rings Dippers!?

After a short while in the tree, it crossed over the river and perched up in a more usual Dipper way...

Smart birds aren't they

I then had to head off to Plymouth for a meeting. But after about an hour I realised today wasn't going to be a day that goes to plan...

Oh bugger!

Well I have made it home, thanks to the big yellow van. My car isn't so good, but I'm just glad I'm ok. It could have been very very nasty indeed.

To finish this post, here's a couple of photos I took the other day during an evening wander around Lower Bruckland Ponds...

Nice and tranquil - need some of this after my day!

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