Thursday, 28 April 2011

More Spring Goodies

Whilst at work last night, a White Stork was serenading birders at Colyford Common... gripping!

So this morning, I was out early and very pleased to see it was still with us beside the scrape at Colyford Marsh. A little while later I photographed it from Colyford Common hide...

my third patch White Stork

At about 09:20 it was seen to take off, and fly off north west...

Another bonus this morning was a cracking Wood Sandpiper on Colyford Common. It spent about five minutes on 'the wet patch' (viewable from the Field Studies Base), and even began singing (something I've never seen or heard before!). I didn't take any photos of it as the light was awful - though just as I was thinking about getting my Lumix out for a record shot, it took off and flew north calling...

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