Monday, 31 August 2009

Just A Little

No birding today for me until about 6pm.

A quick tour of the river showed two Knot flying around with a small flock of Dunlin and two Blackwits.

After a look round Lower Bruckland Ponds I spent the rest of the evening 'working' the north end of Colyford Common, hunting for our long over-due Spotted Crake! I hadn't seen much, and at 19:45 left.

On the way back to the car I bumped into Nick Page and his las, we chatted for a while. I casually glanced at the Gull flocks heading down the river, and bugger me last nights white-winger came crusing over! I only saw it for about five seconds, Nick saw it for about one second! It looked pure white with a noticable pink base to the bill (about one thirds). For me, with this five second fairly distant view, I make it a first-summer Iceland Gull.

I nipped around to the estuary to see if I could relocate it, but there were millions of Gulls and the light was awful!

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