Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Surprise Or Two From The Deep...

Hi folks, looks like I've been tempted into blog land too! I was planning to write the first post about me and my life history, but this morning I saw these off Seaton Seafront.....

I've seen Bottle-nosed Dolphins off this part of the coast only about four times, with my last sighting being a couple of years ago when two drifted past Branscombe one morning. Have seen Common Dolphins here only once. This small pod (about seven, including two babes!) were in the bay for at least 40 minutes, always heading west. At one point their mood really changed and they started charging at full speed even further into the bay (coming as close as the nearest black and yellow flag!). It was during this charge that several of the animals performed full leaps out of the water, simply amazing!

Also on the beach a nice flock of nine Sanderling (quite a good count for here) and a couple of Ringed Plovers. Also lots of House Martins on the move over the sea.

And todays lesson for this inexperienced blogger, don't post until the close of play! Mid afternoon, sat at the gateway just north of Axmouth (known locally as the 'farm gate' - original!), I struck lucky when a gorgeous dark phased juv Honey Buzzard appeared over head. It circled around just to the west of me, before gliding VERY rapidly south. I phoned all the local birders but nearly all were in the wrong place. It's about time we had one, I for one have been looking skyward in anticipation for a week, but up until today - not a sniff! It's one for the car list too, I first spied it whilst leaning out my passenger side window! As I said, a cracking plumaged bird, as dark as they get!

Other birds I picked up this afternoon include the six Little Stints, three Ruff and Bar-tailed Godwit on Colyford Scrape along with 20+ Dunlin and 35 Black-tailed Godwits. On the estuary a second-winter Med Gull was north of Coronation Corner, along with the Osprey still.

Can you spot the Med?? By the way, incase any blog readers didn't already know it I LOVE Gulls!


  1. Great to see you've succumbed then Steve. After what you said to me last week, I hope you manage to keep it going.

    Really wish I'd come out to see those dolphins. I really rather dislike couriers!!

    I'm afraid your white text and black background hurts my tired old eyes, I have to reach for the sunglasses!! :-)

  2. Welcome to blog world Steve! My list of links is slowly growing. I hope you're going to feature a series on doughnuts - I'm looking forward to benefiting from your vast knowledge of this specialist area of gastronomy ;-)

    PS - Nice dolphin vids. Wish I'd been there.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome folks! Just had to give it a go as your two blogs are fab!!

    Sorry Karen, I'll buy you a pair! Just wanted to be a lil different.

  4. What a nice blog this is. You have managed to intrigue me on the delights of birding, as well as the beautiful photography.

    I live in Imperial Beach, California, right next to one of the last estuaries along the west coast. Here, apparently, are something like two dozen endangered species of birds. I live about ten minutes' walk from it, and can hear them chattering now. You'd love it here, I'm sure of it.

    I've favorited this blog, and will be back soon to check in!