Tuesday 4 April 2023

Double Osprey and Triple Garganey

Aside a few Willow Warblers and several sightings of Swallows, haven't done all that well lately.  However today was a realy cracker, not bad at all for a non-birding day!

First up, thanks to an obvious gull flush on the lower Estuary at 10:30, an Osprey gave incredible views as it cruised low south down the Estuary before heading off south west.  Only had my phone camera to hand so this is all I managed...

Love that shape!

Views were much better than the photo suggests

I had a second Osprey later this afternoon too. Just as all the gulls went up again a message came through from Richard that he had just seen an Osprey fly in-off the sea and over Seaton Beach.  A short while later I was watching it hover and fish over the upper Estuary, even saw it catch a fish before flying off low north with its catch.  

And if two Ospreys weren't enough, Phil messaged with news of three Garganey on the sea off Spot On!  Been hoping for one or two seeing as South Huish Marsh boasted a flock of twenty last night, but it's never an easy species to see here so was dead pleased to catch up with them...

Light wasn't great and the sea was quite lumpy but the female is on the right

The two dapper looking drakes.  Shortly before this I read on Twitter about a flock of 1,000 on the sea in southern Europe earlier today. 

 Oh how I love spring!

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