Monday, 31 January 2022

Not Bad For January!

Well Kevin turned up a rather nice mid-winter surprise last week, when he found a Serin lingering around an uncut crop field in Axmouth.  

It took me about a week before I had the chance to get to it, but when I did it didn't take much searching although my views were distant. Great to get my third patch Serin under the belt, all of which have been between Nov and Jan which isn't at all what you would except for this central and southern European breeder! Delighted that Phil was able to see this one, having missed the previous records.

A dreadful photo but if you squint you might be able to make it into a compact yellow-tinted streaked finch!

That's a bit better! A typical Serin head and bill shape with a nice glint of yellow on the nape

There's plenty of other birds in this field which made the hour I spent there a thoroughly enjoyable one!  I logged a couple of Yellowhammer, 120+ Linnet, 40 Chaffinch and 80+ Redwing.  When I saw the Serin it was sat up with five Linnet, but whenever the whole Linnet flock sat up the Serin wasn't with them. So basically I couldn't say if it has actually tagged on to this flock or was just going around on its own.

Always great to see good numbers of birds these days - whatever the species!

Although am still hoping a Bean Goose or two might drop in on the Axe this winter, these four Egyptian Geese were better than nothing.  Will admit to actually 'semi-twitching' these after a message from Phil to say they had just flown up the Estuary and had appeared to have landed...

A gaggle of Egyptians!  

Actually enjoyed watching these. Just about annual on the Axe but never predictable. Can appear in practically any month!

Other recent highlights include two Jack Snipe with a dozen Common Snipe near Boshill Cross, up to four Cattle Egret still feeding in Colyton by day and roosting alongside the Estuary by night, and at least three Black Redstart dotted around the town...

This bird kept disappearing under the solar panel, either looking for food or an attempt to keep warm early on this frosty morning? Strikes me as a great roosting spot!

Unusually it feels like January has been and gone pretty quickly this year, so it won't be long until we are all out looking for our first Wheatears!  


  1. Plenty of Egyptian Geese where I live. They seem to like the local golf courses best. Always amusing to see them climbing about in trees.

    1. Hi Ric, thanks for the comment. Have seen one on a fencepost here before, but never in a tree! Haha. Seem to be spreading in the UK although slowly.