Wednesday 27 February 2019

They're getting closer!

This is a sight I have longed to see on patch...

Bottom right hand corner

Yes it's a Cirl Bunting, a stunning male at that.  Truth is though I am still longing to see one on patch, but since a small number have been found just a few miles outside our patch boundary by Clive and Dan, there's a real sense it could happen any day now!

Such smart bird, with a head pattern to rival any American sparrow!

In the glorious blue skies of this afternoon, things were looking really promising with one or two singing males and a pair keeping themselves very much to themselves.

Enjoyed some super views, perched and on the ground

Female Cirl Bunting on a not quite so natural setting!

I love the russet on the sides of their breast

It's clearly a good spot for buntings, with at least nine Yellowhammers present too...

Three Yellowhammers - interestingly none of these were singing

Surely it's only a matter of time now...

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