Monday, 9 February 2015

Play Time

Haven't done many Golden Retriever focused posts, well haven't done any really as this is a birding blog, but it's time for one I think as she is such a big part of our life now.

We took Honey to see her sister Bella at the weekend - Honey is more golden than her sister but otherwise they are very similar in pretty much every way.  Both 'teenage' Goldies had an absolute ball of a time...

And at the end of the long muddy walk they both had the same idea....

This was the second time they had seen each other since leaving the 'nest' last summer. They first met up late September - when they looked like this...

Amazing to think I used to be scared of dogs as a kid! I once jumped in to a bed of stinging nettles when a barking dog came running at me...


  1. She's beautiful Steve.
    It's nice when a dog got good family.

  2. Thank you both for your comments. She is a wonderful dog she really is, a lovely natured beast.