Monday, 27 October 2014

Dog Walking Delights

My only birding over past few days have been whilst walking Honey - and finally I've seen some notable birds whilst doing this.

On Saturday, an early afternoon walk around Axmouth with Jess and Honey was just coming to its end when a Yellow-browed Warbler started calling from a tree above us. I can't tell you how nice it was to finally hear one on patch this autumn after so much trying and hoping!  After a few minutes it flew out of the tree, and spent three or four minutes in small bushes and trees either side of the road, before flying back into the large tree where it had come from.  It was always elusive, but did show well in the end, and it remained very vocal.  This is the tenth Yellow-browed Warbler for the patch, my seventh.  

Today, had a lovely afternoon walk with Honey and Mum, and jammed into a load of crests at Seaton Hole.  To be honest I thought I was going to turn up another Yellow-browed as there was just so much activity, but I was more than happy with the two gorgeous male Firecrest, with one in particular showing really well.  Mind you, although it showed well, it never stayed still for long...

This following photo was so nearly a cracking photo - but the damn auto focus as usual decided to focus on the branches in front and not the bird...


I wonder what tomorrow's dog walk will show...

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