Thursday, 24 October 2013

Watching The Waves

Yesterday, although the weather wasn't quite as suitable for sea birds, I still had a couple of looks over the sea. I've been hoping for a Little Gull or two as there's been a few birds (mostly Black-headed Gulls) feeding close in off the sea front.  No Little Gull (still hoping!), but there was a lovely juv Arctic Tern.  This bird will soon be continuing on its migration to the Antartic. Incredible...

I only included the lower shot to show how close in it actually came at times!

On my first scan with my bins I saw a chunky and pale almost white wader flying very low over the sea, close in and heading for the beach - but lost it within seconds. It may well have just been a Sanderling but I would like to have known for sure. Frustrating!

The day before a group of 12 Brent Geese west and two adult Yellow-legged Gull again on Colyford Marsh were the highlights.  

Right must go, it's lunch time...

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