Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Wishes

Well I hope all my blog readers (if there's any left!?) had a great Christmas. I had an amazing one in our new home.  Sad that it is mostly over now - would you believe I am back to work today!!

I had some lovely Christmas presents (many house-related ones!). The birding gods gave me an early present too...

It was pretty much the first time I'd been birding in the valley for about a month  - seriously it's been THAT bad.  And these two Bewick's Swans were opposite Axmouth Football club near Boshill Cross.  These are the third and fourth Bewick's that I've seen on patch - we had (different) singles overwintering with the wintering Mute Swans 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.  So I wonder if these are going to stay for the winter?  Which brings me on to...

I have decided, seeing as I didn't year list this year, that if the (or one of the) Bewick's Swans remain until Jan 1st (and I see them!), then I will be doing a local patch year list in 2013. So, I've left it for the 'birding Gods' to decide...

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