Monday, 19 September 2011

There's A Weasel In The Front Room!

There really was....

After work yesterday, I went round to a friends, hoping to catch the second half of United v. Chelsea. I walked through the door to see a sofa upside down, something was up! My mate thought he glimpsed something bounding in through the door of the front room and under the sofa. I joined the search - and was shocked to see a Weasel in the corner of the room! It made a dash, and we lost it.

The girls in the house screamed and were long gone upstairs, so we took everything out of the front room, and relocated the Weasel in a corner of the room amongst some bags. We moved the bags, but he just disappeared!! We had blocked all exits except the one to the open front door - he didn't go out here, but he had gone!

After another twenty minutes of searching, we put everything back and had given up- but we couldn't stop wondering where he had gone. And then...

There he is - under the electric fire!

Amazing views!

I couldn't get a full body shot as he was always too quick! These were the best I got...

What a mammal!

I had to leave once he had been cornered, and I believe after I left he was successfully trapped and released. How bizarre! I missed the football though - good result mind! :-)

So, to continue the 'weird' themed post - as I went to my car to go to work early Sunday morning, a
Mallard looked very out of place stood in Durley Road!...

It was raining - they do say that's good weather for ducks!?

And finally, you may wonder why the Tesco building site is not making the birding headlines, despite the large number of Gulls that had been roosting on here. Well that is because they ('they' I presume being Tesco) have deployed a high tech bird scaring device...

Yes - that can only be described as a 'Black Kite!'

I do apologise for the quietness of this blog lately, I am knee deep in 2010 Devon Bird Report stuff at the moment. I have done no ringing, and the only 'time off' I've given myself, I've used trying to find an American wader or two. So far, as you may have guessed, I've failed...

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  1. The high tech bird scaring device is called a Scarem Hawk Kite and they are amazingly effective!