Thursday, 10 December 2009

Colyford Common Ringing

There was one mega highlight for me this morning, a ringing tick in the form of this....

But what is it?......

(scroll down for answer)....

What a beaut!!!!

And again! Lovely :-)

It was a very enjoyable outing, not only was there a steady trickle of birds to ring, I also had some great views of Water Pipit.

Most importantly though, I had the oppotunity to stuff my face full of mince pies and other Christmas-related cakey things....then there was the stilton and crackers (yes, how posh!!!) and home made sausage rolls. This was all washed down nicely with two glasses of VERY lovely Mulled Wine. Now that's MY kind of ringing outing!!! :-)

Finally I have a couple of recent bird sightings to mention.... nothing earth shattering though! On Tuesday morning the lone drake Gadwall was floating on the estuary by the tram shed and a lone Brent Goose was sat on the sea with the Wigeon flock. I saw four female-type Black Reds on Beer beach on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.


  1. Cheers For the Kind Remarks Steve. Keep up the good work and get yourself back up here for new year if you can. Its been ages...GET TO SPURN. Jack

  2. Thanks Jack - you are a true legend!

    Likewise, if you are ever heading south or west for some reason.... please let me know! And if Paul has any more big Gull catches on the horizon I'd love to join you guys!

    See you soon I hope :-)