Monday, 8 January 2018

Even More Water Pipits

Jess and I had a house sort out day today, which often happens once the Chirstmas decs have come down in early January. But as morning turned to afternoon, Harry made it clear he needed a nap, so I selflessly offered to take him out for a walk so he could enjoy a bit of peace and quiet and knock out some zzz's. Amazingly we wound up at Colyford Common again...

Much duller light today, but thankfully less wind, although a few more people were around which meant the Pipits were a bit more flighty.  There were more of them though, and twice I counted twelve birds, an impressive ten Water Pipits and two Rock Pipits. Thanks to the versatile Nikon P900 I managed to take (record) shots of all twelve in one scan. Now you're welcome to switch off now, as what follows is nothing better than poor photos of twelve Pipits, but crucially they are poor photos of twelve different Pipits...

Rock Pipit one
Rock Pipit two (back) and Water Pipit one
Water Pipit two
Water Pipits three and four
Water Pipit five
Water Pipits six and seven (seven is unidentifiable in this pic I'm afraid)
Water Pipit eight
Water Pipits nine and ten

Wow, I'm impressed if you're still with me! If so, the exciting news is that if you check back tomorrow there will no doubt be even MORE Water Pipit photos ;-)

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