Tuesday 27 January 2009

Cattle Egret Fun

There were four of us waiting for the Egrets to leave roost this morning at Axmouth, I think Gav will be posting a photo of us later on his blog. Most Egrets came out at about 07:40, and there were......THREE Cattle Egrets. Over 30 Little Egrets too.

I then had to go to work for a surprise training was a surprise indeed, first learning about it at 06:30 this morning!

After it had finished, and a bite to eat, I went out to Colyton where my old man had the three Cattle Egrets feeding in the same field that the single bird was in yesterday. When I arrived, there were only two in view, and despite not coming as close as the Little Egrets did, and the fact the light was dull - they still showed extremely well. I LOVE Cattle Egrets, I really really REALLY do. Which is why I'm going to bore you with loads of photos of them : )

The two of them

Looking alert - which wasn't often - they generally looked very relaxed poking about in the mud

And here is one poking about in the mud

Trying to hide - not easy when you're white and in a grassy field!

One eyes up a lovely looking muddy cow - a Cattle Egrets dream!

A pants photo - but it's the only one which shows one doing the Cattle Egret neck-wobble thing!

I have info back on one of my colour-ringed Med Gulls, when I receive the details on the second bird I will post all on here. Back to work now proper, for the first time in well over a week.....great!!!

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